Working closely with world-leading industry, marine and fisheries experts including Seafish, The Irish Marine Institute, The Government of Malta and The Marine Management Organisation (MMO), Succorfish is at the forefront of international commercial fisheries development.

We are an industry leader in electronic monitoring products and fit for purpose solutions for commercial fisheries worldwide. Our turn-key, cost effective, vessel monitoring systems (VMS) and fisheries management hardware, software and data communication systems provide Government authorities, non-Government organisations (NGO’s) and international marine authorities with an effective means of implementing legislation and fisheries policy as well as providing an accurate data collection tool for successful and sustainable marine management.

Vessel Monitoring Systems

Succorfish vessel monitoring systems (VMS) have become an integral tool in improving the management of commercial fishing worldwide. The SC2-VMS is one of the most advanced, multi-functional yet cost effective, vessel tracking and data communication devices available and provides accurate global positional data (location, course, speed) in real time and to within two metres. This fully integrated vessel monitoring system (VMS) incorporates dual Iridium satellite and GPS/GPRS/GSM mobile technology for truly global connectivity and also offers gear in, gear out (GIGO) and e-log capability, an essential and valuable tool for vessel owners or fleet managers working within strict legislation or requiring the most accurate location and catch data. Please see full product details below.

Succorfish vessel monitoring systems (VMS) have played an integral part in delivering fully documented fisheries at Lyme Bay, UK. See

Fisheries Monitoring

Innovative, Succorfish hardware, software and data communication technology meets the needs of three parties – fishermen, marine authorities and conservationists – to create an all encompassing, collaborative solution for fully documented and sustainable fisheries management. Our fisheries products are suited to both industrial and small scale fishing fleets and are used by international Governments, regional organisations and vessel owners. Succorfish SC2-VMS hardware provides fishermen with the correct tools to maximise fishing activity, maintain access of previously ‘closed’ waters or marine protected areas (MPA’s), and record and submit accurate, real time data to meet legislative requirements. It is a valuable tool that also promotes traceability, bringing fishermen and their catch closer to the marketplace. Simultaneously, marine authorities, scientists and conservationists are able to obtain, evaluate and incorporate valuable, high worth fishing data into programmes that promote successful commercial fisheries and marine conservation.


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  • Marine Enforcement
  • Seafood Supply Chain
  • Marine Planning
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Data Collection & Innovation

Innovative Succorfish software has been specifically designed to meet a growing need for much improved data collection and recording methods within the commercial fishing industry. Modern online technology, used in conjunction with intelligent SC2-VMS hardware, has revolutionised traditional data collection methods for both fishermen and marine authorities.

High worth scientific data obtained from intelligent Succorfish products has enabled worldwide marine agencies to be proactive in delivering sustainable fisheries management programmes and marine conservation projects. In addition, app. technology has also given fishermen access to and ownership of their own personal data as well as the ability to share information with whom they choose.

Catch App.

Catch App. provides fishermen with an easy-to-use, future proof means of digitally recording fishing activity as it occurs. Designed by Succorfish and developed in conjunction with Blue Marine Foundation specifically for the commercial fisheries industry, it provides fishermen with a complete, up-to-date, ‘online digital diary’ whilst providing critical fisheries and environmental data for effective marine management.

Catch App. integrates seamlessly with the SC2-VMS to give a highly detailed, real time picture of vessel location and activities, and digitally stores and submits catch entries that are usually recorded manually. It allows fishermen to compare gear, bait and season performance as well as calculate catch per unit effort in a bid to encourage efficient practices and fisheries sustainability. The app. promotes total traceability by allowing instant catch reporting prior to landing and can manage quotas through efficient, real-time reporting. This multi-functionality fully supports the need for documented fisheries (Catch App. is available to download from the app store – currently for iPad user only. See for details).

RFID Technology

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is making significant advances within the global fisheries industry and Succorfish is at the forefront of such development. Specially adapted, automated RFID tags and hand-held reader technology are now being used to promote sustainable and efficient marine management and offer a collaborative solution between fishermen and authorities. Enforcement officers from Devon & Severn Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority (IFCA) are using Succorfish RFID monitoring technology to manage and control the use of recreational lobster pots under new potting permit bylaws. Read more here: